Pavers VS Concrete: Give Your Patio or Walkways a New Look This Weekend

Using pavers to create a beautiful, well-done patio is becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of benefits to using pavers and the look is unmistakably sophisticated. They add a complete, yet earthy look and can work with the design features of a variety of different home styles. Simply, pavers are a fantastic touch to any home and replace standard, boring concrete quite effectively. They are often low-maintenance, more practical for areas surrounding a pool, make a great patio surface, and are easier to take care of over the course of years, as opposed to surfaces such as wooden decks.

Using Spray & Forget, keeping your pavers beautiful for the long-term will be easy and time-saving; whether used as a preventative or a solution to clean them, you won’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining their gorgeous looks. The installation process may require some elbow grease, but the long-term won’t!

Are you thinking about tackling a certain area of your home’s exterior this weekend with a paver project? Are you considering investing some of your time into maintaining the beauty of your patio by adding pavers? We don’t blame you; adding pavers to your walkway can add an incredible level of design flair and this improvement is one you will reap the benefits from for a long time to come. Here is a step-by-step paver demo from the DIY network that breaks down the installation process for you. Pavers have become a top outdoor choice among homeowners because they are durable, low maintenance, attractive, and they make a great surface to walk upon. Stepping stones do not have the same type of coverage, nor the same “finished” aesthetic appeal.

Another of the benefits of using pavers for your outdoor flooring is the cost. Yes, at times, the cost may seem higher than other options upon the initial installation, especially if you are hiring a company to do the dirty work, however, over time you will not have to worry about sealing / resealing or staining it for protection. Repairs are easier to handle than cracked concrete and pavers that may become cracked or broken can be replaced one at a time for a very low cost. The long-term cost with pavers is excellent because they are a durable solution for a gorgeous patio, walkway, or other outdoor area. Pavers are generally easier to install and the low maintenance is a huge draw for those who want to have more time overall for more important things besides fussing over their walkways. And hey, when you add Spray & Forget into the equation for keeping them clean, you’ll spend even less time ensuring they look good!

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