Plant Pots with Spray and Forget

Potted gardens can take any bland landscape and instantly transform it into a well-maintained, beautifully colored, and interestingly textured garden. Potted plants, especially those of the larger variety, can serve as privacy and can add an incredible amount of beauty to any outdoor space. They offer the option to create a fully landscaped look, giving you the ability to let your green thumb run wild, while keeping your garden confined to avoid getting overgrown and spreading too far and wide. They give you an endless variety of ways to get creative, expand your design capabilities, and play with color from the countless plants available to experiment with. The best part: potted gardens give you all the curated beauty without a lot of maintenance.

The variety of plants that grow well in planters is extremely far reaching; there will be some importance based on the climate you live in, but you are really only limited by your taste. Lush geraniums, exotic agave, butterfly-bringing pentas, lush greenery sprouted by white peace lilies, abundantly green foliage, the brilliantly-colored leaves of coleus; we urge you to get inspired, because few things will make your home’s exterior look as put together as well-done landscaping, even in planters.

You can opt for the most elaborately glazed ceramic potters, dramatically colored, or you can go for basic terracotta to keep the look simple and your costs down. Sizes are also dependent on your tastes as well as the space you are working with. Feel free to use a variety of sizes; this can make for a charming eclectic look that creates a tiered, balanced space with different levels of interest.

And what will you use to keep these gloriously-contained container gardens spotlessly impeccable? Spray & Forget, of course! Using Spray & Forget will keep your planters in great shape, by keeping them effortlessly clean, without unsightly mold or algae stains creeping in to tarnish the look of your garden. The 32 oz. Ready-To-Use Exterior Cleaner is biodegradable and completely environmentally safe. You will never have to second-guess using Spray & Forget near your gardens; it is not toxic and will not harm growth. Your plant containers will look amazing and your garden will thrive!

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