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After 9 years, my 11 year old roof started showing black staining and streaking. Each year the stains grew in size and quantity. After researching on line and in stores, I decided to use your product. When I contacted your representative by phone to discuss my order, I was very happy to learn of your new SF9 Foamer to be used in conjunction with your product and power washer.

My roof is a 12/12 slope – very steep and not walkable. Your representative informed me that with this foamer, my roof could be done from the ground or from the top of a ladder.

The foamer worked flawlessly, very easy to install and very easy to use. What would have taken days to do with a pump sprayer as per other spray manufactures methods, I was able to do mine, approximately 6000 square feet in hours.

Great product and equipment and I would recommend without reservation.


Ron / Augusta, Georgia

To whom it may concern,

I would like to give a testimonial. I bought your product and gave it a test on a shed in my back yard. As you can see from photo 668 (first photo), the left side was quite dark. I saw several posts on the internet where people said your product was nothing more than bleach and water. I sprayed your product on the left half of the roof and a mixture of bleach and water on the right half of the roof. Photo 843 (second photo) shows the results after 3 months. I am sold on your product.

John / Albany, NY


I bought your product last fall applied it to my roof. With the mixed material I had left over in my sprayer I looked at my neighbors roof,and we will see how good this stuff is? Well this summer my problem was gone. My roof is reddish brown and my neighbors is white I just sprayed a 4 ft. strip from top to bottom. So look for yourself What a great Product. HOPE IT IS MADE IN THE U.S.A. AND STAYS THAT WAY.

John Hill / Reese, Michigan

I purchased Spray and Forget 64 oz. House and Deck No-Rinse Eco-friendly Exterior Cleaner Concentrate.

I just wanted to tell you that it is fantastic!!! I followed directions to get immediate results by using a brush. It removed algae and dirt from vinyl siding and composite steps on our stairway surfaces like magic!!

This is the BEST result one could expect from a product. Thanks for doing what you do!

Stan / Akron, Ohio


It has been a while. I just ran out of the spray you sent me the year you’d opened.

I had a roofer inspect my roof and he couldn’t believe my roof was 30 years old. I told him all I ever did was spray it once every 2-3 years with a spray I bought from a guy in Houston. I bought a 5 gallon container many years ago.

Glad to see you successful.

Knew you had a winner when I used the product for many years. I believe I can get it here locally now.

Pat / Columbia, South Carolina

Dear Customer Service

Please know you have an outstanding product.I have literally bought 6-10 different moss/mildew/algae cleaners which have not worked at all on my sandstone patio at home (which is facing north and is in the shade.)

The only thing that worked was power spraying the stone 2 or 3 times a year, which was a considerable job.Spray and forget worked like a miracle (no kidding).I have now used it on my walks, patio and roof with excellent results.You clearly have an excellent product.You would benefit from better marketing and getting it into garden and hardware stores.

Best regards.

David C. Preston, M.D. / Cleveland, Ohio

Just wanted to let you know that i’m very pleased with your product. It workedjust as described. Saved me alot of work.

Thanks !

Jack Schempp Jr.

Great product guys. It works as advertised and I’m very impressed. I just placed my second order for the remaining section of my roof. You really should increase your market exposure some how, I’m sure some people are unaware of your product. Fell free to add me to your referral list.


Vince Watchung / New Jersey

Hello Scott and Ginger

We bought a gallon ofSpray & Forget… it did a fantastic job cleaning the black streaks off of our roof . Now we want to clean the moss and streaks off other parts of the roof . So we will place a order for 2 gallons of Spray & Forget. Thank you for having a fine product and good honest information & service.

Earl C / Getzville, NY

It has been five years since we used your miracle product and it is time to re-apply!

Our place is on the east side of Houston in Beach City.At times it seems as though we live in a swamp; we will just say our “before” and “after” images put those on your web site to shame!Spray and Forget has prolonged the life of our exterior paint and returned bricks to white that we had accepted as dark green for more than thirty years…

Thanks so much.

Missy / Beach City, TX

Wanted to let you know that the Spray & Forget anti-mold and moss product from IPP appears to have worked really well. Our problem was an area on our shingled roof, where water had been running down from an upper-floor downspout. In a short period of time, a coating of green sludge including moss, had taken up residence. I’d earlier tried removing it with a brush, with poor results. However, soon after I sprayed the area with “Spray & Forget”, the mess began to disappear. That was a couple of weeks ago, and now the roof looks like there was never a problem. This is definitely one product that does what it says it’ll do. Thanks for the information on the product, which I’d certainly recommend to anyone with a similar problem.

It works great!

Dave Clark / Victoria, BC

Dear Spray and Forget,

I have been meaning to write and just never got around to it. Since I recently purchased Spray and Forget again, I want to share my story. I live in a large ranch-style home – the roof is huge. The roof stains really detracted from my home’s appearance. I bought your product last year and applied it according to directions to half the roof. Every day when I came home from work, I would check the roof for stain removal progress. After several months, I just forgot to check. When my youngest daughter came home from college last Christmas, she asked how I got the roof cleaned. It was only then I realized that the roof where I had used Spray and Forget was stain-free!!! Now I’m doing the other half.


Kathleen / Arkansas


I must say your product works really well. I put it on my roof about a year and a half ago, and after about 6 months, the mold was gone, and has never returned. I did catch it early, but there’s no doubt, it did the trick. You might relay this e-mail to the Ace Hardware store in Harrington, Delaware,where I bought it ,and at that time, they were the closest dealers to where I live here in Delaware City,Delaware. Once again, you can accept this as a personal endorsement in any of your advertisements, without any obligation to me. ” A great product” !!


Bob Cox / Delaware City, DE

I purchased your Spay n Forget product for the roof algae that was rapidly growing on my roof(northside) I couldn’t find anything that would remove this.I googled my problem and after hours of searching i came across your product.I applied it and had to go away to work(5 months)when i came back the roof was clean,just a few dead clumps of moss. This product is gold,I’m from Nova Scotia,Canada and I had to order from B.C .Get this product accesable to the everyday consumer,I can’t say enough about this cleaner.THANK-YOU

Nova Scotia – Canada

I love your Spray and Forget product! Finally a product that ACTUALLY does what it claims to do! I put the Spray and Forget on my roof and it killed all the moss that was already there and kept it gone for 3 years now. It’s just now starting to come back slightly, so I’ll be reapplying in the spring.I don’t understand why your product isn’t in the local stores around here?We have tons of trees in this area and EVERYONE seems to have a problem with moss, except me of course!

Thank you,

Heidi Whittemore / Mentor, Ohio

Just a note about your excellent Spray and Forget product.

Purchased one gallon and applied per directions last fall. Ths spring all the moss and mold had disappeared with no damage to the roll roofing. Yesterday new growths were noticed and treated on the same roof and also sprayed Spray and Forget to the main roofs expecting the same excellent results later this year.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful material that works as advertised. Should I come in contact with anyone with the same ugly mold on their roof(s) I certainly know where to send them.


Dear Sirs,

Thank you for making a quality product.The Spray and forget removed the black stains from the north face of my roof in less than two months and could not have been easier to use.Very refreshing to come across a product that actually performs as advertised.Keep up the great job; you have a customer for life.Feel free to use my name as a reference anytime.

John Stradal

I live in Florida and have a lot of trees around my house.The roof was getting darker so I decided to look for a cleaner.I didn’t want to climb on the roof and to hire someone would cost a lot — plus I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals since there are lots of squirrels and birds..so I saw this product.I just had to climb partway up a ladder and the container did the rest reaching the top of the roof.After about three or four months I have noticed a big difference.Thank you.

Linda Chiappetta / Palm Bay, Florida

Hi, we purchased 2 bottles with the hose attachment and wanted to say that our eight year old roof never looked better except when it was new. Living several miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Pensacola, Florida we have had mold problems that made our roof unsightly. Now we recommend Spray & forget it to our neighbors and friends.
Thank you for a great product!

Brad / Pensacola, Florida

I live in Florida, and constantly battle to keep my home mold free. I used this product on my screens and metal supports. To move the process along, during the dry months, I misted the areas once a week. The green is gone. I previously pressure washed these areas with no results. I also used this on my white vinyl trim that frequently becomes black. I was really pleased to see the blackness disappear. This worked better than when I attempted to pressure wash. The tough areas are 2 stories up. With a ladder and a good pump sprayer, we were able to reach all the areas. I was a impatient with one area on the back of my home that was especially dirty and constantly needs cleaning. I spayed the product, about 1 week later wet the area, used a very soft brush on a stick and the dirt and mold melted away. I did use the more concentrated mixture because of the areas were extremely dirty It’s been 2 months and the areas still look bright white and clean. I will continue to use this product. It does work.

Brad / Cathy, Florida

I would expect a good sales increase in the greater Hartford area. I went to my local ACE in Glastonbury on Saturday for a gallon of S&F, and a new sprayer. I have not stopped spreading the word since. I was in a commuter lot Sunday morning picking up my son from a Scout trip, telling everyone. I have been sending emails out with a link to your sight. This is one great product. Saw immediate change on my Trex deck and slate patio (north side). Between Saturday and Sunday, did the entire house, a north slope roof off the main house, pool deck, landscaping stones, everything I could find. Power washing is a thing of the past, this makes cleaning the outside so much easier, quiet, and enjoyable……. with better results! Glad to see for now you are just distributing to the smaller guys also!

Josh / West Hartford, CT

I Tried to clean the green “junk” off my stucco for years with chemicals and scrubbing – I Google searched found you – great web page directed me to where I could buy! I sprayed it on a literally the next day looks 90% better! It says it will continue to work for months and improve with rain falls! THANK you so much for freeing up my time on the weekend!! AWESOME PRODUCT I am soo telling ALL my neighbors and friends!

Mark / Fitchburg, WI

Looking at your website testimonials you do not need another one but, what a product! I have pressure washed and painted myself silly for 40 plus years. I may not be able to retire but I am done pressure washing. Thank you!

New Port Richey, Florida


I heard your product advertised on our local handyman radio show on Saturday morning (1180 WHAM in Rochester, NY).

I have literally tried everything to get the mold out of and off of my backyard fountain. Scrubbing, steel wool, bleach, elbow grease, baking soda, vinegar, etc. — I was dubious when trying your product, but I was completely shocked that ALL of the mold not only disappeared, but did not return. The fountain, which used to be a source of embarrassment, now looks like it did when I brought it home from the store. The best part is, I didn’t have to kill myself scrubbing to get it to look that way. I just recommended your product on Twitter & will continue to tell all of my friends how great it is.

Thank you!

Rochester, NY

I seldom comment on a product, good or bad, but I feel that your roof cleaner deserves it. My composite roof is about 12 years old and being in the Houston area, it has gotten the moldy/streaky appearance common here in the high humidity zone. About a year and a half age, I sprayed all but 1 section of my roof (I left it for comparison) with your product and waited for it to rain. We had the worst drought in years, so it was quite a while before I saw any improvement. Now, however, after getting “normal” rainfall, the areas that I sprayed look like new. The house across the street has a newer roof than mine and mine looks much nicer that it. The section that I didn’t spray looks like the neighbors, so I can definitely state that it is the spray that did the job. Great product that performs as advertised.

R.K / Katy, Texas

Spray and Forget is more than just a supplier of a superior moss removal and preventative product. They are a partner in our business. We have had great success using this product, our customers have been very satisfied with the results, and our business has greatly benefited from offering this product to our valued customers. We absolutely recommend Spray and Forget and appreciate the opportunity to be a valued service provider for Spray and Forget.


Jamie and Jennifer Irvine / Canada

Simply….Absolutely priceless.

I treated the siding on the front of my house in about 15 minutes which is about the same time it was taking me just to set up my pressure washer. I was supposed to pressure wash my siding this Saturday and couldn’t because of all the rain we had. That night I saw your commercial for the very first time and went to Home Depot Sunday morning and bought a bottle. It worked as advertised and I think even better!!!!

I am also the purchasing manager for a local builder and I will definitely recommend it to our homeowners and our service department.

Thank you,


The shaded areas of the shingle roofs of our house and garage were a real mess: Moss, Lichens, Mildew and many unidentified fungi. I thought that it was beyond hope of a simple and easy cleanup such as Spray and Forget, but I decided to give it a try. WOW!!! This stuff really works! All of the “crap” that made our roofs such a mess have magically disappeared! It took a while, but every time it rained, more of it disappeared, to the point that it now looks amazingly clean and presentable.

Thank you for such an amazing product!

Robert / Clinton, NY