Things you don’t know about Spray & Forget

As you are probably aware, Spray & Forget was designed to fulfill a need while saving people as much time and energy as possible. It is a super dynamic solution for a host of different issues when it comes to roof cleaning. So, just to keep you informed, here are some cool facts about Spray & Forget you may not know. Learn why this stuff is pretty darn amazing!

  • It’s a 100% USA-made product! Nothing is outsourced, whatsoever!
  • Spray & Forget is a totally biodegradable product; no harsh chemicals here.
  • It’s super easy to use; no intense work or pressure cleaning involved to get 5 star results.
  • It’s the perfect product for DIY-ers with limited time.
  • Spray & Forget offers the simplest method of use! Rinsing is not required or recommended, and rain is not necessary at all for the process to work its magic on your roof. However, if you get rain on your surface within 24 hours after using the product, the results may be thwarted.
  • 1 gallon of Spray & Forget diluted with 5 parts water will cover a sprawling 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • Dark stains, algae, and streaks get dissolved by this formula.
  • An environmentally safe solution for handling roof stains.
  • In as few as 1-3 days, green stains can be eradicated!
  • Somewhere in the range of 1-6 weeks, black stains will be diminished.
  • When using Spray & Forget, rinsing is not part of the process! Simply spray and forget; literally!
  • Countless surfaces are safe for use with Spray & Forget, unlike most other heavy duty industrial cleaners. Marble, granite, stucco, brick, cedar shake, ceramic tile, metal, concrete, and practically any other type of surface are suited just fine for cleaning with Spray & Forget.
  • Spray & Forget was developed to be safe for human and environmental exposure!

As you’ve probably read, Spray & Forget is a super unique product that does some amazing work. It has received rave reviews from countless customers over the years, and when it comes to taking care of roof and deck stains, there really is nothing that compares to the super-powered nature of Spray & Forget.

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