Variables that Can Impact Stain Removal

Variables that Can Impact Stain Removal

Below is a list of variables that can impact the stain removal process when using Spray & Forget. In most cases, the end result will still be a clean surface although the desired results may be delayed.

  • Drought conditions: Spray and Forget will dislodge any existing stains; however, it requires moderate rainfall amounts to wash the stain away. In dry climates or dry weather conditions, it will take longer to remove existing stains.
  • Premature Saturation: The surface should be dry when Spray & Forget is applied to guarantee full surface penetration. In addition, we prefer to have at least 12 hours before any heavy rainfall or snow following the application (ex. dwell time).
  • Shade: The stains will take longer to fully disappear if the surface is shaded then otherwise.
  • Stain Severity: Obviously, more severe stains/spotting can result in longer removal times and in extreme cases, a second application may be needed but that is very rare (less than 1% of the time).
  • Mixed Biological Strains: There are thousands of different mold, mildew, algae, moss and lichen strains. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a mix of multiple biological organisms causing the staining/spotting. Some of these strains and/or combinations of strains can take longer to remove than others.
  • Incorrect mix ratio: Diluting Spray & Forget outside of the directed mix ratio, whether too strong or too weak, can provide varying results.
  • Incorrect application equipment: Using non-recommended application devices can result in poor performance when using Spray & Forget (ex. Ortho hose end sprayers are readily available but will dilute Spray & Forget far too much to get adequate results).
  • Temperature: Stain removal can take longer in colder temperatures than in warmer temperatures although the end results should be the same.
  • Non-biological staining: Spray and Forget will not remove most non biological stains such as tree sap, rust, etc.

Some tips/advice to help prevent and expedite the removal of stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, moss and lichen…

  • Trim back bushes and trees to allow more sunlight on the affected surface
  • Adjust any sprinkler heads or other water sources (ex. gutters) from directly hitting the surface area
  • Remove all leaves, pine needles and other debris from the surface area as often as possible