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SF House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner w/Hose End 32oz 6ct

SF House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner w/Hose End 32oz 6ct

SF RV & Camper Wax 32oz Hose End

SF Revolutionary Roof Clnr Super Concentrated w/HE 32fo

about Us

We are an employee-owned company in Memphis, TN. As both employees and owners, we all share the same passion, aspirations and goals. All of our people are both accountable and empowered. We’re more motivated as individuals and we work as a team. We’re responsible to the person working next to us and each of us takes extraordinary pride in the quality products we manufacture and the enduring company that we’re building together. As an ESOP company, Barr Brands International is 100% owned by employees. Under employee ownership, Barr continues to fuel the growth of the company and the financial security of our employee-owners through the acquisition of companies and brands compatible with ours.

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