SF House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner w/Hose End 32oz 6ct
SF House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner w/Hose End 32oz 6ct

The 1-Quart Spray & Forget House & Deck Outdoor Cleaner with a Hose End Adapter is your outdoor home improvement solution. Able to clean areas of 400-600 square feet, this concentrated house wash treatment works as a full exterior cleaner including a deck wash and house siding cleaner. Use this powerful house cleaner on brick walls, decks, fences, driveways, walkways, siding and stucco. Enjoy outdoor entertaining? This is your deck cleaning solution. To use this outdoor cleaner hose sprayer, follow directions carefully. Make sure the surface is dry before application. Attach garden hose and turn on water source. Apply a thorough coat of Spray & Forget to affected areas to spray away stains, keeping the surface wet for as long as possible. Do not rinse. Once surface is clean, apply Spray & Forget every 6-12 months or at the first sight of new staining. Keep out of reach of children. Read and follow all label directions.



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